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Every child has the right to education, and must be able to read and write as they grow. This is statement that every nation in the world has in its constitution. Over the last few decades, knowledge has become a prerequisite of new production paradigms, and education has become an essential factor in the modernization of production systems and the economic behavior of individuals.

Human capital theory is based on the notion, that education is an investment, which produces income in the future. Consequently, differences in productivity arising from differences in education cause a hostile effect on the economy. Demand for education is a function of rational human behavior. This, eventually contributes to a better, and easier lifestyle.

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The formidable repertoire of the contemporary era is how education affects our youth. The progress of a nation is highly dependent upon its youth, it is the youth which makes it rise like a shining star, or fall like a dull meteoroid.

Growing illiteracy in any nation can open the door to negative activities, which may include an engagement in illegal and criminal activities, such as drug abuse, gang groups, theft, rapes, and joining militia groups that have political motives.

If you have thousands of young adults who are not in school, and do not have jobs due to which they are being affected by the poverty along with their families. This makes us understand how vulnerable they are, and how they can be be used and manipulated to carry-out adverse activities in their community as well as in the country in a broader spectrum. The unemployment and under-utilization of youth at persistently high levels, worldwide can jeopardize social inclusion, cohesion, and stability.

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Immense efforts are required to ensure education at primary, secondary, and tertiary level. This should synchronize and be respondent to the needs of the youth and the hardcore realities in which they live, so as to adequately equip them for participation in the social and economic life.

Scaled up efforts to ensure quality teacher training, the development of appropriate and gender sensitive learning materials, safe educational environments, including efforts to eliminate bullying, and delivery of education in an equitable, gender sensitive, and violent free manner are the cornerstones of providing an education for all.

People without education are like weapons without bullets. Since our birth, we begin the learning process in one way or the other, which happens to continue throughout our lives. Education is the medium for the youth to quench their thirst and realize their potentials and capabilities. The youth should be armed with the best quality education and facilitated with favorable conditions.

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On attainment of their skills they will be an asset to the community and will contribute actively to its development. They will become essential elements of the society. In this globalized and knowledge-based world, the youth should be provided with opportunities to contribute to the society in the most optimum manner. The importance of education lies in the fact that its insufficiency or absence may lead one to choose an improper path of life. It cannot be denied that knowledge is power.

As a community we must adopt the principles of protectionism, knowledge, security, and most importantly, moral values for our youth. If we can help our youth to become positive and engaging members of society, this will build a stronger, safer, and healthier community.

Considering the shaping of our future generations, we must look seven generations back and seven generations ahead. It is important to respect our past in terms of how we were raised, and how we can develop previous teachings to ensure that our future is growing as well. It is imperative to implement these values, and to create a path for future generations to follow. By engaging our youth in a well-defined education system we can forecast a prosperous nation with a spirit of self-efficacy.

Written by: Fajar Nadeem (Blogger at Act Youth Force) | Cover photo by Rae Tian on Unsplash


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