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“I have got a chance to struggle, I am so happy! Hardship makes one discover the true meaning of life, and how to live it to the fullest”, said the son while his smile widened gradually.

“What? Are you crazy? What grades did you get!?”, asked the mother anxiously.

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The son took a deep breath and went on saying, “My grades show, that I have failed, but as far as I know, I haven’t. Mother, you might won’t agree with me at the moment, but believe me, I know that I have learned a lot from the mistakes I have made previously, and I will certainly improve in the future. Ease is never an opportunity for anyone since all the great people became successful when they undergo extreme hardships in their lives.”

The mother, in a shocking tone, said “What!? Are you kidding me?”

The son, however, calmly replied, “Believe me, mom, this is not what I am and my English exam was the best one. You know how hard I worked but I am not depressed at all. I know I will get the reward for my hard work. The best time has just started, I have never struggled mom. The time has started which will push me towards success because everyone will try to demotivate me by constantly criticizing me, but I will not get trapped in this materialistic and judgmental world. I know who I am, I know where I’m meant to be and you know that too. I will work harder and improve my grades and I promise I will stand up more polished and motivated to achieve my goals. I promise you will be much more proud than you would have been today. I promise I will be at a much better place in life. This tiny piece of paper with single alphabets and a counting figure cannot be an obstacle in my way to success. I am not discouraged, but encouraged; I will stand up like a soldier and get encouraged by every moment that pulls me down, I promise. Nothing will ever stop me!”

With her eyes full of tears, and a smile that spoke a thousand encouraging words, she replied, “I am a lucky mother who has a son like you, I am so proud of you. The world is yours, go conquer it!”

Everywhere around us, we see melancholy and despair in the hardest of circumstances. But, it is an undeniable fact, that sadness never brings you something that makes the situation better instead it makes things, even more, worse than before.

There is always a positive side of the picture, but it can’t be seen easily. You have to be someone who is an optimistic individual to find out that side and relax in the cohesive of times.

This student and a proud son of a mother has spoken out his heart and has shown the positivity inside him. Indeed, such people are the happiest ones and they are the reason behind the happiness of many other individuals. They transfer emphatic vibes to others, and never let anyone feel disheartened and hopeless even when they are on verge of despair.

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This is all about the nature of thinking, and everything that happens in life is because of the way we think over a course of time. The struggle and hard work is a crucial part of life that takes a man from the depth of darkness to the heights of nobility. We go through everything during the difficulties that help us know and understand ourselves better.

We just keep on learning and discovering the beautiful journey of life till our last breath. The struggle is all about learning if you are taking it as a chance to learn. Do not let frustration and disheartenment take you down. Make sure that you knock the walls of demotivation in order to achieve consistent progress in your life.

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Let’s look into some of the best examples of optimistic visionaries. Posi is one of those people who never give up in life despite a hundred obstacles.

When Posi finds darkness till far, he says, “I always wanted to shine as a star but there was a lot of light around. Here is my chance to shine, and be the light.” Furthermore, he does not only says this, he actually does everything that could make him shine.

When Posi finds a hurdle in his way, he says “I know these apparent hurdles are points that the higher power has set for me to learn. They are there to make me stronger. The biggest hurdle is in the minds of people, and I abolished it long ago.”

When Posi sees someone doing bad, he says, “I know that evil is created, so we can find and appreciate the good, and I know that people themselves aren’t bad, but their heinous actions make them the wrongdoers who are an evil blot on the face of the society.”

When Posi speaks about morals, he says, “Moral values actually help us know and discover ourselves. Since, they teach us to be humble. We try to look deep down into ourselves and try to explore qualities which are still undiscovered. They make us prosper in life.”

When Posi (apparently) fails, he says, “This is the pathway to the attainment of actual success. A person who is always successful in every test of life reaches heights, but never skyrockets to the limitless pinnacles of success. Only the ones who have been through failure are the ones who actually reaches those limitless heights.”

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Change your thinking,
To avoid shrinking.
If you are struggling,
Take it as a process of learning.
If you find darkness till far,
Take it as a chance to shine as a star.
If all your work goes in vain,
Take it as an experience and try again.
If you fear doing wrong,
Take it as a path, that will make you strong.
You will fall, but if you are strong,
You will stand, back on your feet.

Firmly standing for a time; life-long.
You will soon be the most strong.

Written by: Danish Khan Dani | Cover photo Credits: Photo by Luca Campioni on Unsplash


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  1. Syed Muneeb Ali 24 November, 2017 at 19:08 Reply

    In our society, Parents are considered as the Decision Maker. Indeed, they are!! But the thing is that they are of 1970’s and only know about specific professions like Doctor, Engineer etc. They think like there are only a few professions that should be considered as GOOD. But there are many of them!!

    According to my definition of GOOD PROFESSION: “Profession which is your passion too, it’s a good one for you”

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