Among the many problems that a developing Country faces, one of the greatest challenges of our times pertains to Academia. While all around the world, education programs are focusing more on standard and accessibility, our traditional system of gaining epistemological and self-enhancing knowledge has been confined to the boundaries of a university. This has inhibited personal growth for many graduates who want a continuing educational life where they keep themselves up-to-date with the current knowledge stream in different fields and/or gain specific knowledge pertaining to personal, familial and societal development. The problem of accessibility at higher education level is leading to a collapse of the intellect of our society in the following ways:

  • Students only enrolled in a graduate or an undergraduate program have access to courses that interest them
  • Even enrolled students sometimes cannot take courses of their interest because they are enforced to fulfill degree requirements.
  • Restrictions to knowledge outside a university and nourishing the intellect has led us to think inside a box and keep ourselves in silos, completely cut off from the intellectual zeitgeist of the world.
  • Grads and general public who is not enrolled in an institute merely get a chance to learn about new research in different fields as well as develop better scientific based knowledge pertaining to self, familial and societal enhancement
  • Confined spaces of universities have resulted in knowledge being accumulated only in a limited space by a limited number of audience.
  • Lack of continuing educational opportunities for general public of interest has resulted in a much more greater generation gap, restricting knowledge only to young population.

Aims and Objectives

Academics Accessible is an extended project of My Voice Unheard that aims to highlight invisible narratives. Through story telling and the use of digital media, My Vice Unheard captures attention and support to voices that are condemned to amnesia. Academics Accessible, revolves around the same idea by focusing on academics and life enhancing topics and courses that are invisible in our society. Following are the aims and objectives of Academics Accessible:

  • To bring academicians outside the confined spaces of a University
  • Allow general non-degree seeking public to open their horizons to new research around academic topics.
  • To allow academicians to share their knowledge with general public in the form of talks and short courses
  • To educate and keep the general public up-to-date with the current intellectual zeitgeist of the world
  • To build a national and international network of academics accessible to general public and people of interest such as students, professors, retired officials, working men and women who thirst for knowledge.
  • Bridging together western and eastern academia by bringing them together on platform to share intellect.
  • By creating this platform we aim to support young researchers, scholars and students build their profiles for future endeavors.
  • Bridging the gap between academic world and real life through the understanding and application of academic knowledge.

What we Offer

Academics Accessible offers numerous mediums to actualize its aims.

Talks/ Paper Presentation:

A typical talk or a research paper presentation is an hour-long session focused on highlighting the work of academicians in a thematic manner. Each talk is designed to cater a specific theme for example, humanities, social sciences, art, music etc. The presenters of these talks will be intellectuals like professors, writers, experienced researchers as well as young researchers who are looking for opportunities to talk about their work in their specific fields. Each talk is ended by a 15-minute discussion and question and answer session.


The courses offered under Academics Accessible are designed to allow the exchange of new ideas and knowledge with experts and our audience. Each course will span over 6 weeks with 2 hour meetings per week. These will be offered by local experts and professors. The courses are divided into two Categories:

  1. Life enhancement: Life enhancement courses are inspired by the demand to enhance our personal, familial and societal skills. These courses are light in nature, introducing basic concepts, basic and simple reading with on the go strategies to enhance certain personality dispositions. These are mostly designed for mid and early career professionals, students and women as part of continuing education leadership. The duration of each course varies from 2-4 weeks. Some of the examples of such courses would be:

  1. Understanding deeper issues: This line of courses is developed through a more theoretical and philosophical perspective and requires a more thorough approach. The course packs contain original texts of writers and philosophers upon which understanding and arguments are developed. These courses are designed for people who have a basic understanding of philosophy and are curious for discussions around philosophical, political, economics and historic based themes. The duration of each course varies 4-6 weeks. Some examples of such courses would be:

  1. Reading days: The reading days are designed for people who are curious to read and participate in discussions that nourish and fulfil their intellectual need. The duration of specific reading group depends on the reading itself. Each reading group will be dedicated to read one book over a period of 1 month whereby, one chapter will be read and discussed in each meeting. A typical reading session comprises of an hour and a half of reading and discussion on various philosophical texts such as:

Series of videos

  • Continuous series of events/place where people will come together every month twice
  • Presentation / handouts given

Why Academics Accessible

  • Keep up-to-date with new knowledge generation and the intellectual zeitgeist of the world.
  • Promote the work of local academics outside the confined spaces of the Universities and make their acumen of knowledge accessible to the public.
  • Continuing educational opportunities for general public including students, professors, retired officials, working men and women who thirst for knowledge.
  • Bridge the gap between 1st world and 3rd world intellect by sharing new knowledge within Pakistan’s Societal Context
  • Bridging together western and eastern academia by bringing them together on platform to share intellect.