5 Pakistani Photographers You Need To Follow


Here are 5 aesthetically creative Pakistani Photographers who should definitely follow!  

Adeel Chishti (@adeelchishti_)

“It is a way to depict the inner feelings of people through a different perspective.”

Adeel Chishti is a professional photographer based in Lahore. His area of expertise lies in portrait and street photography. He started photography under the sword of criticism as everyone around him discouraged him and told him that it was no easy feat. However, he never got disheartened and went on to enroll in the National College of Arts. He is now a self-taught photographer who went on to win in the Indian International Photography Competition. His pictures have been published in various magazines and newspapers including National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’.

Ali Awais (@ali_awaiss)

“Photography is a way of preserving moments that are gone forever. Photographs live longer than the memories and help us travel back to time in past. I find it really amazing and that’s what always fascinated me.”

Ali grew up with graphite staining his fingers; having started drawing from a young age, the urge to observe and preserve moments came naturally, leading him to develop a love for photography. One of his biggest inspirations being Atif Saeed, he has an exceptional taste in landscape photography. From getting his first digital camera in 2006 to his first DSLR in 2012, he has continued taking pictures. Ali also learnt the importance of patience and practice in photography and the necessity of never losing motivation. He is now a professional photographer who has worked with many organizations such as READ Foundation and Metro Motorbikes.

Fakharry Khalid Pervez (@fakharry)

“For me photography is like oxygen. It’s like a friend who always has been there for me in distress. It soothes my soul and helps me in getting close to God.”

Fakharry is an electrical engineer based in Lahore. A whiz-kid with a passion for photography, he got his inspiration from his father who also had a love for snapping pictures. He is an ardent fan of BNW photography, as can be seen in his pictures. To him, photography is about conveying a message which is always harder to do through the highlights, shadows and textures of black and white. Two years of saving every penny led to him buying his first camera. Fakharry also stresses that developing skill is more important than buying a ton of expensive photography equipment.

Mustafa Ali Najafi (@mustafaalinajafi)

“It means everything to me. It makes me happy to see something beautiful and immortalizing it with my camera and sharing it with the world.”

A freelance photographer and videographer from Islamabad, Mustafa is the youngest of 9 kids. He started taking pictures with a smartphone till he was gifted his first camera by his older brother who also happens to be his inspiration. He mostly indulges in long exposure shots and photography remains to be more of a passionate hobby to him. He strongly believes that beginners in photography should never make the mistake of using a camera in ‘Auto mode’.

Usman Miski (@usmanmiski)

“Photography for me is an art of observation and a point of view, whatever you capture is preserved forever, and even if you have forgotten everything, it remembers all. My aim is to travel to the remotest areas of Pakistan to explore and photograph its hidden beauty and to show the world that Pakistan is much more than we see and hear in news.”

Usman is an SAP certified consultant from Islamabad and a photographer by hobby. While doing his Bachelors from FAST university, he developed an ardent interest in graphic designing which ultimately led him to take up photography. He mainly excels in landscape, architectural and astro photography. From buying his first camera in 2008 to now, he keeps on exploring new techniques in photography.

By Amna Khan


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